Simply Holy - Imitating St. Paul

  Paul (Saul) believed he was doing the right thing by rounding up Christians and executing them out on the streets. They were blasphemers and idolaters. They dishonored God and needed to be destroyed. Then one day Jesus appeared and literally knocked him off his high horse, blinding him and rendering him powerless. Paul had two questions for this Being who spoke to him: “Who are you, Sir?” and then, finally, “What shall I do, Sir?” These two questions should be the guidelines for our lives in imitation of St. Paul.

Simply Holy - Every Body Belongs to God

  In this first podcast of 2022, Marge shares updates and exciting news, explains why it’s taken SO long to do a New Year episode, and delves into the real issue at hand on January 22: Every body belongs to God.

Simply Holy 078: God’s Blueprint for You

Did you know that God has a unique blueprint for everything he has created or ever will create? That’s right. He has a unique blueprint for every tree, flower, cloud, mountain, river, bush, blade of grass and human being. He has a unique blueprint for you – even if you have an identical twin! His blueprint was made with the utmost love and wisdom just for you. Because of the effects of original sin, the reality doesn’t match the blueprint. Discover God’s blueprint for you and learn how to more closely resemble it.

Simply Holy 077: Next Gen Feminism and the Worth of Women

Do you feel like you keep striving but never arriving? Do you struggle with feeling inadequate and emotionally depleted? Listen to this episode as Marge chats with Leah A. Jacobson, MA, IBCLC, founder of The Guiding Star Project that helps girls and women to see their female contributions in a new light, find common ground, connect with other women, and celebrate sisterhood not competition. Guiding Star centers offer a wide range of counseling and provide healthcare from qualified medical professionals. Through her ministry, Leah works with women to heal the crisis caused by the Women’s Movement, realize their worth, and set realistic expectations for themselves. This is what she calls the Next Gen Feminism and she’s written about it in her new book, “Wholistic Feminism”, published by Lumen Press. Find out more about Leah and The Guiding Star Project at

Simply Holy 076: Hope and Consolation for Catholic Mothers

This week editor and author Heidi Saxton joins Marge to chat about her new book, “Ave Prayer Book for Catholic Mothers.” With contributions from 72 spirit-filled Catholic authors, the Ave Prayer Book is a meaningful collection of hope and consolation for Catholic moms of all types – biological, adoptive, and spiritual. Heidi shares some of the book’s wisdom with us in light of the recent tragedy in Waukesha, Wisconsin. She also tells us about her Pray Across America road trip adventure with her husband, bringing peace and inspiration to parishes throughout the US. Find out more about Heidi at

Simply Holy 075: Who is Your King?

As we celebrate the Feast of the Kingship of Christ, Marge considers its origin and meaning. She explores the concept of kingship gone awry in today’s society and political sphere. Finally, she guides you through a brief meditation to discern the question, “Who is my king?”

Simply Holy 074: Elevating Prayer through Music

St. Augustine once wrote that “singing belongs to one who loves.” Singer-Song Writer Anna Nuzzo certainly spreads her love through her music. Anna is an acclaimed international Catholic singer, songwriter and recording artist.  She is well known for elevating prayer through her music, which she has performed across the US and abroad. But before 2012, she was a part-time local church singer with her own Interior design business in Wisconsin.  What happened 9 years ago? On the Feast Day of Our Lady of the Rosary in 2012, she consecrated her life to Jesus through Mary and her life has never been the same! Learn more about Anna’s music and ministry in this lively interview.