Simply Holy 057: How to Get Spiritually Strong

Society emphasizes physical fitness, but what about spiritual fitness? We need to get spiritually strong to meet the challenges of life. Here are three simple ways to get spiritually strong.

Simply Holy 056: Coping with Lawlessness

To be sure, these are uncertain times. It seems we're surrounded by lawlessness and that can lead to confusion and despair. Violations of civil law, authentic Church law, natural law, and God's law surround us. Even with that going on, we have great reason for hope and optimism. Here's how to cope with lawlessness, hold your head high, and walk forward with confidence.

Simply Holy 055: This is Your Moment! Catch the Pentecost Fire!

With the country beginning to re-open, mandates and capacity restrictions are being peeled away, including in our churches. Sadly, far too many people have become accustomed to missing Sunday Mass. Perhaps you've become complacent as well. This is a Pentecostal time for the Church. This is your moment, our moment, to catch the fire of Pentecost and set the Church ablaze with fervor!

Simply Holy 054: Dealing with Betrayal

More and more, I'm feeling betrayed by people in my life who have become cold or hostile because I don't think and behave as they do. I bet you've had that experience, too. Here's what to do about it and how to come away from it in hope and joy.

Simply Holy 053: Our Post-Resurrection Calling

Easter is over, the Easter Bunny has hopped away into the sunset and now it’s back to normal, right? Wrong. This post-Resurrection time is the most exciting time of the year for the Church. It’s like an adventure novel except that it’s true and there’s an important part for you to play in it.

Simply Holy 052: The Church Needs Heroic Catholics. Will You Be One of Them?

The statistics are staggering. Sunday Mass attendance has been in decline for decades. Now projected numbers indicate that the numbers may further diminish as consequence of the long-term pandemic restrictions. Our bishops and priests can only do so much to bring the faithful back to the sacraments. Now more than ever, the Church needs heroic Catholics who will lead the way back by their faith and example. Will you be one of them?