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Simply Holy - 088 Understanding Real Charity

  Charity means donating to a humanitarian organization or taking a carload of gently used household items to the thrift shop, right? Those are charitable actions, but they are only a small part of charity itself. Real charity is loving God for himself and loving others for God’s sake. Learn more about real charity and how you can live it in your life.

Simply Holy - 087 Jesus Was a Rebel

  Recent news has included articles about the removals of Bishop Daniel Fernandez Torres of the Diocese of Arecibo, PR from his office by Pope Francis and the removal of Fr. Peter Williams from his Burlington, Vt parish by Bishop Christopher Coyne. These two items have given way to thought about Jesus as a rebel in his time. What’s the difference? We, too, are called to be rebels in the way we live our faith. Learn what made Jesus a  holy  rebel and how you can answer his call to become one as well. 

Simply Holy - 086 - Removing the Roadblock in Your Prayer Life

  Everyone hits a roadblock in their prayer life at one time or another. Sometimes the block is temporary and inconsequential. But sometimes the roadblock is more like a concrete wall built across the roadway. The basis for these types of seemingly insurmountable roadblocks are assumptions we make about God, ourselves, and prayer itself. Learn how to remove the roadblock in your prayer life regardless of it size.

Simply Holy - 085 Finding Your Spiritual MPH (Miles Per Hour)

  Having her speedometer break while on the highway is one of the best things that could have happened to Marge Steinhage Fenelon. Trying to gauge how fast she should go based on the speeds of the other cars on the road taught her a valuable lesson about her spiritual life. Judging the speed of your spiritual striving by that of others is not only fruitless, but detrimental to your spiritual growth. Learn how to find your personal MPH (Miles Per Hour) and how to make God your ultimate speedometer this Lent.