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Simply Holy 009: Who Is Lord of Your Disquiet?

Our tendency is to rebel when God asks something of us that is contrary to our plans. It could be a heavy cross we don’t feel we’re strong enough to bear, a sacrifice that we think is just too big to make, or loss of control in our own lives or in the life of someone who is important to us. This inner rebellion can sometimes take the form of conflict, confusion, grief, helplessness, or even hopelessness and it causes disquiet within us as we struggle to grapple with God’s will. Perhaps there’s something you’re struggling with right now. How do you make God the Lord of your disquiet? Marge examines the essence of disquiet, the example of St. Ignatius and our Mother Mary, and offers concrete steps for allowing God to be Lord of any disquiet you experience.

Simply Holy 008: Is It Wrong to Complain?

Complaining is usually seen as a negative thing – something for wimps, losers, doubters, and maybe even something sinful. But, is it? There is such a thing as Holy Complaining, and there are times when we have a right to complain as long as our complaining takes the form of honest, respectful communication with God. Learn the value of complaining and how to complain in a holy way by considering the story of Job, the art of holy complaining, and the Psalms of Lament and Complaint.

Simply Holy 007: Echoes of Ireland and Facing Discouragement with Joy

Facing discouragement with joy? Is that even possible? Yes, and no. It’s possible when you approach it in the right spirit and with the right tools. While recently in Ireland for a speaking engagement, Marge learned about the amazing, joyful, spirit of the Irish people in the face of discouragement - including religious persecution, execution, and famine - and how to apply that in your own times of discouragement. Listen to Marge tell about the Abbey that Refused to Die and the promise Jesus made to you about overcoming discouragement in the face of persecution, troubles, and tribulations.