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Simply Holy 015: Lenten Journey: Spiritual Poverty and the Reordering of Attachments

Jesus said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” But he was talking about far more than whether we own anything of material value. He was talking about embracing humility, meekness, and love and a right attitude toward the world around us. This is the essence of spiritual poverty and the basis for a fruitful, blessed Lenten journey. Learn how to re-order your attachments in imitation of Christ.

Simply Holy 014: Discovering Your Stumbling Blocks to Holiness

What makes one person stumble on the path to holiness may not be a stumbling block for another person. Your stumbling blocks to holiness are unique to you and can lead you closer to Christ and his Mother when you approach them in the right way. How do you discover your stumbling blocks? How do you deal with them? These are important questions to ask – especially now, as Lent nears – and Marge has the answers. A simple, practical guide to preparing for Lent and growing in holiness.