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Simply Holy 059: How to Read the Signs of the Times

Are we facing the end times? Some say we are others say we are not. In actuality, it doesn’t matter. What matters is reading the signs of the times and acting on them according to God’s will for you. Here’s how.

Simply Holy 058: How Perturbable Are You? Learning to Be Serene in Any Situation

Are you easily perturbed? Are there certain people or situations that disturb your peace of mind, heart, and soul? There’s a great work around for that! Learn how to set up your own “Perturbability Meter” and remain serene in any situation. In this episode, Marge shares some wit and wisdom from St. Thomas Aquinas.

Simply Holy 057: How to Get Spiritually Strong

Society emphasizes physical fitness, but what about spiritual fitness? We need to get spiritually strong to meet the challenges of life. Here are three simple ways to get spiritually strong.