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Simply Holy 052: The Church Needs Heroic Catholics. Will You Be One of Them?

The statistics are staggering. Sunday Mass attendance has been in decline for decades. Now projected numbers indicate that the numbers may further diminish as consequence of the long-term pandemic restrictions. Our bishops and priests can only do so much to bring the faithful back to the sacraments. Now more than ever, the Church needs heroic Catholics who will lead the way back by their faith and example. Will you be one of them?

Simply Holy 051 The Dangers of Selective Seeing and Hearing

Have you ever observed a situation absolutely convinced you knew exactly what was going on? And then you find out later that what you thought happened wasn’t at all what actually happened? Marge shares a personal (and embarrassing) time when this happened to her and then shows how easily this can happen to anyone and how it applies to life in general.

Simply Holy 050: Seeking Simplicity in Christ

How many pairs of shoes do you own? Your answer can tell you a lot about yourself and your relationship with Christ. A lively, thought-provoking episode wherein Marge explains why she once owned three (working) coffee makers at the same time. Letting go of the material world, simplifying our lives and finding life and peace in the Spirit. That’s what seeking simplicity in Christ is all about!

Simply Holy 049: Hope Amid Grief: Facing Loss in Joy and Peace

Even in the darkest times, even amidst losing a loved one, we have reason for hope. A personal message of hope amid grief as our family prepares to say our final goodbyes to a cherished aunt. The God of hope will fill us with joy and peace even in our grief. As people of faith, we believe there is a reason for everything and a greater good will come of it according to God’s mercy and perfect will.

Simply Holy 048: Hearing the Voice of Jesus

Have you ever heard the voice of Jesus? Those who have had that experience are quite fortunate. But some of us, seem never to heart his voice. Whether it be audibly, symbolically, or intuitively, we never seem able to perceive what God is saying to us either through circumstances, “coincidences,” or the still small voice within us. For a period of time, I was convinced that our Lord spoke to everyone else but me. In a moment of discouragement, he proved me wrong and brought me to an amazing realization. In this episode, I share my experience with listeners and show them how they, too, can hear the voice of Jesus even when he seems to be keeping silent.