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Simply Holy 045 Are You Cold, Hot, or Lukewarm? A Message of Hope and Encouragement

In a vision, Christ told John that he will spit from his mouth those who are lukewarm in their faith (see Rev 3:15-16). Its hard to be on fire for the faith when the Church is under persecution. We fear shame and retaliation from those who oppose our beliefs. Being lukewarm seems like the safer route to take. Take heart! There are more faithful out there than you think and when they see you on fire, their hearts will burn for Christ as well. This message of hope and encouragement will help you do exactly that.

Simply Holy 044: Feeling Discouraged? Increase Your Spiritual Striving!

Feeling discouraged? That’s not surprising given the current state of affairs in the world. Discouragement is a form of spiritual desolation and it’s during such times that people tend to back off on spiritual commitments and go easy on themselves. But, that’s exactly the time to step it up and increase your spiritual striving. In this episode, Marge explains why that is and how to effectively face discouragement and spiritual desolation.