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Simply Holy 019: COVID-19 and Evangelization

This is an amazing time for the entire world. Even amid the hardship of the COVID-19 pandemic, despite the illness, isolation, and fear, we have much for which we can be grateful. In this present time, we have access to technology that didn’t exist in previous eras, and we have the ability to use that technology to reach out to others. If we take these small opportunities and truly be Christian in all of our interactions, we can do a great deal of good and lift the hearts of many, many people without even going out of our way. Our world is suffering, and we can help to abate that suffering with godly words and gestures. This is an amazing time for the entire world and COVID-19 could be our best chance ever to evangelize.

Simply Holy 018: Looking Within and Doing Without: COVID-19 and Living in the Spirit of Poverty

Who would have thought a few weeks ago that we’d be facing the reality of empty store shelves? Or the suspension of holy Mass and the other Sacraments? Or the isolation of quarantine and social distancing? COVID-19 has caused many inconveniences in our daily lives to say the least. This is the opportune time for a major attitude adjustment toward both material and spiritual things. It’s the perfect time to re-assess our real needs vs. perceived needs and enhance our relationship with God. In this episode, Marge offers practical ways to not just survive through these times, but to thrive through them.

Simply Holy 017: Three Things to Remember about Coronavirus (A Blessing in Disguise)

Coronavirus has now been classified as a pandemic, but it shouldn’t become a panic-demic. The evil one wants us to panic so that we doubt God’s power and goodness and lose hope. Here are three important and helpful things to remember about coronavirus laid out in simple, practical terms that will lead you to greater holiness and trust in God. This show includes ways to filter the media hype and reduce isolation from quarantines, cancellations, and imposed virtual classrooms and offices. It also discusses the changes in our Church due to coronavirus and the dire need to keep holy water in our homes. This podcast will lead you to see that the coronavirus pandemic can be a blessing in disguise, spiritually speaking.

Simply Holy 016: Do You Suffer Chronic Inflammation of the Soul?

Chronic inflammation of the body causes pain, disease, and damage to joints, tissues, and even internal organs. It slows us down and diminishes life. It’s aggravated by consuming foods, beverages, and other substances that aren’t good for us and that our immune systems recognize as enemies. Did you know that we can suffer chronic inflammation of the soul as well? It’s aggravated by consuming things from the world around us that aren’t good for us. Chronic inflammation of the soul causes pain, sorrow, damage to our consciences, and diminishes our spiritual life. Find out St. Paul’s prescription for curing chronic inflammation of the soul in this episode.