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Simply Holy 043: New Year’s Day: What You Need to Know

Most people focus on the new calendar year as January 1 rolls around. But, there’s so much more to know about New Year’s Day. Here’s what you need to know to make it a holy, happy, celebration.

Simply Holy 042: How Do You Know You’re Ready for Christmas?

There’s so much to do during these last few days before Christmas! Your To-Do List is a mile long and you’ve only worked part way through it. But getting ready for Christmas actually has nothing to do with decorating, shopping, wrapping, baking, or anything else on your list. Here are the three most essential things to do before Christmas and how to tell if you’re really ready.

Simply Holy 041: Cancel Christmas! No way!

Christmas is under threat by officials seeking to limit our ability to attend Christmas Mass and gather with family and friends. Over social media and news outlets, there’s mention of efforts to “cancel” Christmas. The truth is, Christmas can’t be canceled and in this episode, Marge gives three concrete reasons why that’s true. Then she gives three things you can do to make a joy-filled Christmas happen for you and yours.

Simply Holy 040: Advent 2020: Be the Voice in the Desert

If you saw someone walking down the street dressed in camel’s hair and eating grasshoppers and honey. Would you consider that person a credible authority? Most likely not. You’d probably think that person was weird at best or perhaps mentally ill. It was a strange thin to do in Jesus’ time, too, but St. John the Baptist did just that, becoming the voice int eh desert that prepared others for the coming of the Savior. He spoke the truth regardless of the possible consequences. Today we need countless St. John the Baptists who will be the voice in the desert, speaking the truth regardless of the consequences. You can do it, God will help you and St. John the Baptist will intercede for you.

Simply Holy 039: Advent 2020: A Time for Hope Not Fear

We’re facing more pandemic lockdowns, uncertainty about the future of our country, and the possibility of financial crisis for many.  Add to that our Lord’s admonishment in the Gospels that we must be ready for his Second Coming at any moment. All of this can tempt you to give into fear and lose hope when in fact the opposite should and can be true. Here’s how to make fear backfire and Advent 2020 become a blessed time of spiritual growth, hope, and joy.