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Simply Holy - 094 Mary Was Docile Not a Doormat

  Mary often is described as docile, which people tend to equate with being a doormat. But she certainly was not a doormat. Docility is completely different, and Mary is the perfect example. We should strive to imitate her in this regard. Listen as  Marge  gives five key facets of Mary’s docility and explains how we can – and should – imitate them in our daily lives.

Simply Holy - 093 The Importance of Grieving Well

 There's a bad way to grieve, and a good way to grieve. The method you choose will make a big difference in your emotional, spiritual, and physical health.  Listen as Marge shares the lessons she's learned from personal experience.

Simply Holy - 092 The Most Famous Marriage in History

  What is the most famous marriage in history? The marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles? Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco? Beyonce and Jay-Z? The Kardashians? None of the above. Rather, the most famous marriage in history is the marriage at Cana! Even though it’s the most famous because Mary and Jesus were there and it’s the scene of our Lord’s first public miracle. Funny, this marriage is the preeminent in all of time, and we don’t even know anything about the couple who got married! Listen for more intriguing observations of this monumental event and what it has to do with your relationship with the Blessed Mother. My Website:  https://www. My GiveSendGo Campaign:  https://givesendgo. com/simplyholy?utm_source= sharelink&utm_medium=copy_ link&utm_campaign=simplyholy