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Simply Holy 023: Maintaining a Peaceful Presence in Turbulent Times

The George Floyd arrest controversy has thrown our country into turbulence with burning, looting, and the spread of hate speech. Regardless of the facts of the case, we as Christians are called to be a peaceful presence in these turbulent times. We can learn much from St. Paul’s Letter to the Romans in which he encourages them to cast aside their differences, ask God to fill them with joy and peace, and abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Whether it’s the current situation or another, we need to be a peaceful presence for ourselves and others. Here’s how.

Simply Holy 022: Ascension to Pentecost: Preparing to Be a Witness to Christ in the Newer Normal

The Apostles and women – including Mary – gathered and prayed in the Upper Room for nine days from Ascension to Pentecost. They were awaiting the coming of the Holy Spirit and preparing themselves to go out into the world to be a witness to Christ. That’s not unlike the time we’re in right now, as we prepare to move from the “new normal” of lockdowns, shutdowns, and fear into the “newer normal” of going out into the world, picking up the pieces of a life that’s dramatically changed, and returning to the Sacraments. We must prepare to be witnesses to Christ and for that we need the Holy Spirit!

Simply Holy 021: Joy is a Decision: How to Decide to be Joyful

Being joyful doesn’t just happen. It’s a decision we make regardless of how tough things might be right now. Here’s how to change your attitude, refocus, and become a joyful person with God’s grace.