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Simply Holy 067: Get Away from It All: Create a Spiritual Oasis

Stress and anxiety getting to you? Need to get away from it all? Here’s where you can go to relax, refresh, and renew – a spiritual oasis right in your own home! It’s easy to do and will bring you untold peace and joy. Here are four simple step to make that happen.

Simply Holy 066: Mary as Christ-Bearer

What does it mean when we say that Mary is the Christ-bearer? Likely you think about Mary bearing Christ in her womb prior to his Birth, and that’s correct. But there are multiple ways that Mary was and continues to be a Christ-bearer for all of humankind. A look at how Mary bore Christ to others in Biblical times, through history, and today. We need Mary now more than ever to bear Christ in the hearts of humankind!

Simply Holy 065: Three Levels of Knowledge: The Marian Person

Are you floundering in the sea of misinformation, hostility and fear that surround us? Here’s how to apply the three levels of knowledge – knowledge of the senses, knowledge of the intellect, and knowledge of faith – in these critical times. Listen to examples from Mary’s life and learn how to become the Marian person who isn’t tossed by the waves.

Simply Holy 064: Healing through Holiness

Marge chats with author and speaker, Erin McCole Cupp about her new book, “All Things New: Breaking the Cycle and Raising a Joyful Family” and healing through holiness. Erin explains how to break the cycles of bondage to destructive patterns in our relationships, especially in our relationships with ourselves. Plus, get the inside scoop of the writing and production of this marvelous and refreshing new book!