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Simply Holy 072: Living a Covenantal Life

Marriage is a vocation, but it also is a covenant. Covenant is more than a contract or a vow, it’s all-consuming and a complete giving of self. This covenantal way of life can be compared to holy Mass in three ways: orientation, reverence, and love. In this episode, Marge explains the parallel between holy Mass and the marriage covenant. She also outlines how this covenantal relationship holds true for singles, religious, and clergy as well.

Simply Holy 071: Becoming a Master of Prayer

It takes discipline and dedication to become a master of any discipline – martial arts, education, cooking, for example. Masters take their art seriously and work at it with diligence and focus. Becoming a master of prayer takes discipline and dedication as well. We don’t practice prayer because we feel like it; we practice prayer because it’s something we need. In this episode, Marge outlines how to become a master of prayer with the help of the Holy Spirit and the example of the Blessed Virgin Mary.