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Simply Holy - 091 Longing For Peace? Here's the Solution

  If you’re longing for peace – in the world, your life, or your heart – this episode of Simply Holy is a must listen. The dove who bore the olive branch to Noah after the flood is a prefigure of Mary, the Great Peacemaker. Like the dove in the Bible story, Christ’s mother approaches God on our behalf and brings his peace back to us. Here’s how.

Simply Holy - 090 The Great Post-Resurection Adventure

I call it The Great Post-Resurrection Adventure. The Scripture readings from Easter to Pentecost are some of the most exciting of the entire year and they read like an adventure novel. They are stories of courage, heroism, daring, defiance, love, and conversion and they are all true. Not only are they enjoyable, but we have much to learn from them.

Simply Holy - 089 Who Am I to God?

 Do you think you know the answer to that question? Think again. The answer – and the question itself – is more complicated than you realize. Join Marge as she delves into the question we all should ask ourselves, “Who am I to God?” and the corresponding question, “Who are you to me, God?” You’ll be surprised at the answers that rise in your heart and soul.