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Simply Holy 047: What Does It Mean to Be Catholic?

If someone asked you to describe yourself, what would be on your list of characteristics and attributes? How far down on that list would you mention your Catholic faith? Current events have sparked countless terse discussions in person and on line about what it means to be a Catholic. Can we profess one set of beliefs and then act contrarily in the public sphere? A frank look at the precepts and four marks of the Church and how we’re obligated to follow them in both our private and public lives. Calling ourselves Catholic must be more than a designation; it must be a way of life.

Simply Holy 046: The One Essential Question to Ask Yourself This Lent

As you move through Lent, there is only one essential question to ask yourself. This single query encompasses all you need for your spiritual striving and should be your main motivation. What is that question? How can it help you through Lent? You’ll find it in Chapter Six of the Gospel of Matthew. In this episode, Marge unpacks Matthew’s chapter and shows you how to apply it to your Lenten striving.