Simply Holy 026: What is a Secular Franciscan? A Chat with Michael Groark, OFS

How can someone be a member of the Order of St. Francis and a lay person at the same time? What is being a Secular Franciscan all about? Michael Groark is a once-lapsed Catholic who wandered into Lutheranism and was called by God back to Catholicism and into the Secular Franciscan Order along with his wife, Anna Marie. Michael shares his own story and the story of his entire family’s conversion to Catholicism, including the path of his son from drug addiction to the Capuchin Franciscan priesthood. He explains the spirituality of St. Francis and the lifestyle he and his wife lead as contemplatives in the world. “A Secular Franciscan,” he said, “is a lay person who has studied the life and spirituality of St. Francis and makes promises to follow the Rule of the Secular Franciscan Order.” Learn about what those promises include and the joy it brings to those who follow them.


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