Simply Holy 077: Next Gen Feminism and the Worth of Women

Do you feel like you keep striving but never arriving? Do you struggle with feeling inadequate and emotionally depleted? Listen to this episode as Marge chats with Leah A. Jacobson, MA, IBCLC, founder of The Guiding Star Project that helps girls and women to see their female contributions in a new light, find common ground, connect with other women, and celebrate sisterhood not competition. Guiding Star centers offer a wide range of counseling and provide healthcare from qualified medical professionals. Through her ministry, Leah works with women to heal the crisis caused by the Women’s Movement, realize their worth, and set realistic expectations for themselves. This is what she calls the Next Gen Feminism and she’s written about it in her new book, “Wholistic Feminism”, published by Lumen Press. Find out more about Leah and The Guiding Star Project at


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